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Clairvoyant / Psychic readings
£55 (incl. CD recording)

Works intuitively with her guides offering specific, relevant information to help clients move forward with their lives. Often provides proof of a loved one in the spirit world.

Duration 60 minutes.

Psychic Development on Zoom

I am running beginners and intermediate psychic development on Zoom every Tuesday starting 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. £10 per person, please message me for details. 

We will be covering all aspects including mindfulness/meditation techniques. It will be a professional training course Including how to link in with Angels and guides and how to develop your psychic awareness.

It will be very much an interactive course where you will get plenty of opportunities to practice and stretch your psychic muscles. If you have always felt that you have an intuition, psychic ability or you just know things why not PM me to find out more and start an exciting journey into understanding and working with your unique gifts 

Guests are welcome and may receive a free reading from my students, please message me for details. 

Clairvoyant / Psychic readings via Zoom or WhatsApp

Clients are welcome to record the session on their phones or a CD recording can be provided for an additional £5.

Group Bookings
£25 per person (plus travel)

Available for group bookings at your choice of venue. Each person present will receive a short private reading, dealing specifically with their own situation.

3 mile radius, maximum 5 people.

Reiki Treatments

I offer Traditional Reiki, 22 point facial massage, scalp massage or crystal healing sessions. This is a treatment involving the transmission of the life force energy. Perfect if you are feeling run down or in need of healing. May include psychic and spiritual information / guidance. Please advise which treatment you prefer when booking.

Duration 60 minutes. 

Psychic Animal Communications

Either online or in person, I offer psychic animal communication and animal healing. Please contact me for further information. 

Advanced Mediums

Private one-to-one sessions for advanced mediums to improve links to spirit and learn delivery techniques when giving readings.


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